Fox V4 Flight Carbon Helmet Kypärä (carbon)

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The first thing you will notice is how light the helmet feels! You can tell that Fox is proud to showcase the quailty materials used in the new V4 helmet such as the Carbon Fibre composite shell construction.

One other change is that the helmet comes in 4 shell and EPS sizes. What does this mean you may ask? Well many helmets only come in a few sizes and the helmet internal size is manipulated by liner size. So you may have the same shell for a small or large helmet which make some helmets feel like they never quite fit right.

Another cool feature I really liked is the fact is the mouthpiece can be popped out in order to clean the mud out. No more trying to scrape out with a screwdriver and blasting from the inside and out side to get mud out of all the little vent holes.

Overall the helmet not only looked great but we are impressed with the many upgrades that were made from the previous V3 helmet. If you are in the market for a true high end motocross helmet that will not only make you look good out on the track but offer great protection then the 2012 Fox V4 helmet is a great choice.

ACU Gold Sticker Fully ECE Approved

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Fox V4 Flight Carbon Black White The wait is over as the much anticipated Fox V4 flagship carbon helmet is availible now.


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